LG G8XThinQ Perfect for games lovers

Now consumers of LG G8XThinQ have no need to playing games on PCs or consoles, have opportunity for gaming on LG G8XThinQ.

LG G8XThinQ Perfect for games loversIn past few years we can’t predicted that today’s smartphones would also be used for the ultimate entertainment device, surpassing the desktop PC, the laptop and even the living room for entertainment value.

It will be expected to grow smartphone market more than USD 180 billion by 2021 with high growth in using mobile games.

The upcoming LG G8XThinQ is the updated model of the LG V50ThinQ that carries over its unique feature first its removable second about the display.

In the V50ThinQ, LG Dual Screen provides a new level of multitasking excellence while offering gamers the perfect platform for an enhanced user experience in mobile gaming. But with LG V50 only offered in 5G, the majority of the world never got a chance to experience LG Dual Screen.

The LG G8XThinQ is the perfect gaming device for today’s mobile generation because of customization LG Game Pad by choosing users from a range of configurations specialized for shooting, racing, action and sports or they can design their own game pad in minutes.

With two displays, users can level up their gaming skills by keep the game in play on one screen while picking up tips from other players on the other screen. The Game Launcher app on the LG Dual Screen even includes a shortcut to YouTube’s Gaming Channel for faster access.

User can stay connected in real time while playing games.

LG G8XThinQ offers the ability to make gamma correction on the display, which brightens the dark and shadowed areas in games and video without washing out the rest of the screen

Spatial audio allows players to sense which direction the enemy is approaching during gaming.

A great gaming smartphone needs the best chipset for seamless performance. The LG G8XThinQ is powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Mobile Platform, a high-performance processor that enables fast data transfer without latency or lag for streaming high quality content and for running multiple applications simultaneously on the LG Dual Screen.

With the high practicality of the LG Dual Screen optimized for multitasking and backed by excellent hardware, the LG G8XThinQ is a smartphone that’s perfect for gaming.