Mohmand & Diamer basha leading projects of WAPDA

A delegation of National Security Workshop, under the supervision of National Defence University (NDU) Islamabad headed by Major General Asif Ali, visited WAPDA House.

Mohmand & Diamer basha leading projects of WAPDASenators, Members of the National Assembly, Members of the Provincial Assemblies, Bureaucrats, Ambassadors and Senior Officers from the Armed Forces were part of the delegation.

WAPDA Chairman, General Muzammil Hussain (Retd) briefed the delegation about the global water scenario and development projects of WAPDA in water and hydropower sectors.

He said that controling water and hydropower resources are a must for water, food and energy security of Pakistan. In the wake of starting construction work on Mohmand Dam this May, Diamer Basha Dam and Sindh Barrage are the two priority projects for WAPDA.

In addition, WAPDA has also been expeditiously working on a number of projects to improve water situation in the country and add a sizeable quantum of hydel electricity to the National Grid.

For optimal utilization of water resources, WAPDA has devised a comprehensive strategy, through which various projects will be completed in a phased manner under short, medium and long term plans.

The delegation was informed that WAPDA plans to add five Million Acre Feet (MAF) to water storage and 4600 Megawatt (MW) hydro power generation in short term up to 2025; another eight MAF water storage and 16000 MW power generation in medium term up to 2030 and 28 MAF water storage and 18400 MW generation in long term up to 2050 with completion of its various projects.

However,  prompt decisions at all levels and availability of adequate funds are key to implementing short, medium and long term projects in accordance with their timelines.

WAPDA Chairman, dilating upon the water challenges, said that a major paradigm shift to the existing development mechanism in Pakistan is direly needed to thwart the looming water crisis and handle the monster of circular debt in power sector.

There has to be innovative financing strategies with less dependence on the Government, institutional robustness and capacity building of local Consultants besides policy, technology, entrepreneur interface

WAPDA Chairman also responded to the queries raised by members of
the delegation during question-answer session. Later, NDU delegation head and WAPDA Chairman exchanged souvenirs as memento to the visit.