Pakistan achieved membership CRC Rotterdam Convention

The Chemical Review Committee (CRC) is a subsidiary body of the Rotterdam Convention established for analying chemicals and pesticide formulations according to the criteria set out by the Convention and make recommendations.

Pakistan achieved membership CRC Rotterdam ConventionIt has developed working procedures and policy guidance covering a broad range of issues related to the work of the Committee. They are intended to facilitate the operation of the Committee and to help ensure consistency and transparency.

Deputy Director/National Programme Manager, Ministry of Climate Change Dr. Zaigham Abbas, from Pakistan attended 15th CRC meeting. It is great honor for for Pakistan that he is elected as member of Chemical Review Committee of Rotterdam convention from Asia pacific region for a period till 30th April 2022 during 15th CRC meeting.

The fifteenth meeting of the Chemical Review Committee of the Rotterdam Convention held from 8th  to 10th  October 2019 at the FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy.The Committee will consider the draft decision guidance document for perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), its salts and PFOA-related compounds, developed by the interpersonal drafting group in its fifteenth meeting.

Furthermore, the procedures for banned or severely restricted chemicals (Article 5, Paragraphs 5 and 6) , the Committee reviewed the notifications of final regulatory action forwarded by the Secretariat, in accordance to the criteria set out in the Convention.

CRC and POPRC members and observers, Rotterdam Convention designated national authorities, Stockholm Convention national focal points, Stockholm and Rotterdam conventions official contact points, permanent missions and interested stakeholders attended the 15th CRC meeting.

The Committee’s sixteenth meeting is scheduled to be held from 14th  to 18th Sep 2020.