dawlance allows complete control over appliances with the sync app

Dawlance’s SYNC mobile app gives people on the go a complete home solution. It is the first-ever platform which allow users to interact with their home appliances conveniently, with just one click, from anywhere around the globe.

dawlance allows complete control over appliances with the sync appWith this application, Dawlance introduces the Internet of Things (IoT) to consumers which can make living a mobile life easier. Powered by Homewhiz, this app aims to provide customers IoT solutions to connect to major home appliances like refrigerators, split inverters and microwave ovens via the internet.

In today’s fast-paced world, business and industries are only sustainable, when they put their consumers’ satisfaction and convenience first which is exactly what the brand is offering for its consumers. Click to know more about SYNC

App Assistance

Here are some of the benefits which helps you to do different chores with SYNC          

The SYNC app allows you to perform various chores remotely, such as if you are getting late from work and have to prepare meal for children back at home or you have to keep an eye on refrigerator so that no one takes out your favorite biryani, Dawlance is here for you to control your “SYNC” home appliances from anywhere in the world. SYNC app also provides built-in cooking feature in the SYNC specific models, electricity consumption tracker, door notification feature and much more.

Dawlance once again proves itself as a pioneer of home appliances in Pakistan, with the SYNC app guaranteeing accessibility and ease of living.

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How to Pair SYNC:

It is very easy to pair SYNC app with just 8 little steps which includes downloading the app and following simple steps which are mentioned on the youtube channel and on the website page of Dawlance SYNC. Follow the video below as an example to SYNC you microwave


Be advised that at time of pairing you have to be within the range of wifi with which appliance will remain connected.

Through Sync, consumers can also cut down their electricity bills and do much more, enjoying a digitized home solution that makes their lives easier. Follow the youtube channel to know all about Dawlance Smart Appliances.