Overdosed with antibiotics warns meat producers

Increase in demand for meat notice in developing countries. Large scale meat producers have rising the use of antibiotics for growth promotion and disease reduction in meat.

Overdosed with antibiotics warns meat producersIn their study published in the journal Science, the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics, and Policies (CDDEP) in United States warns of a growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria in meat. When animals are overdozed with antibiotics, they can grow antibiotic-resistant infections which can then be passed to human beings.

This is common especially in developing countries where these antibiotics of animals are unregulated and the feed is less healthy as compared to more developed nations. While there are investigation systems in place to track these resistance rates in livestock. They are severely lacking in these poorer countries.

Scientists have developed a model to inspect data from point prevalence surveys, which are used to inspect illnesses among populations. These surveys duration from 2000-2018 and report the rates of antibiotic resistance in animals and food. Researchers focused on locating hotspots of this trend from around the world and find out common viruses such as coli, salmonella and more.

Through examination of this data, they revealed that animals showing more than 50% antibiotic resistance increased dramatically between 2000 and 2018.

The scientists need policymakers in developing countries to improving investigation of animal antibiotics and monitoring the rates of resistance in animals.They inform to create better farming practices before human and animal health, as well as farming livelihood, is negatively impacted. They also demand for developed nations to help in this reparation of farming practices and support the transition to a more sustainable agricultural future.