MCC crackdown on spurious cosmetic products

Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul announced crackdown on the manufacturers of spurious cosmetic products, especially those infusing excessive quantities of hazardous mercury in coming days.

MCC crackdown on spurious cosmetic productsMost of the people are unaware of what are included in their cosmetic products in the country.

The seminar on the Global Climate Strike had been arranged by FAST-NU Islamabad in collaboration with the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration.

Zartaj Gul while addressing a seminar said that her ministry will request Prime Minister Imran Khan when coming back from the United Nations to announce a climate emergency across the country.

She advised the young students in the audience to stay united and take action against pollution for protecting the environment for a healthy future.

She gave references of different international news reports that around 60 per cent of Pakistanis know nothing about climate change on the other hand, our youth has proven all such claims wrong by responding to this call in full spirit.

Assistant Professor FAST-NU Usman Chaudhry addressed in seminar said “We need to understand there is no Planet B”.  He added that if human being wishes to continue living on Earth, they need to take responsibility for protecting the environment of the planet and not take things for granted offered by nature.

He further said that they need to take care of what they have by refusing to use plastic bags and replacing them with reusable cloth bags, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Islamabad Assistant Commissioner Mehreen Baloch said that Pakistan is the eighth most danger country affected to climate change. She described some of the measures taken by the ICT administration that heavy fines are being charged on littering outside while the district administration authority has banned brick kilns from operating inside the territory of the federal capital. Our administration starting crackdown on spurious cosmetic products. They has succeeded in achieving a sufficient reduction in the usage of plastic bags and the ban is being implemented very strictly.