International Conference on Non-Communicable Diseases

The Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society (PNDS), in collaboration with The Nutrition Society UK & Ireland, is organizing the 1ST PNDS International Conference on Non-Communicable Diseases from November 1-3 at the Avari Hotel in Lahore.

International Conference on Non-Communicable DiseasesExperts and practitioners from Pakistan and global organizations are expected to attend and read scientific papers to spread knowledge and create awareness regarding the burden and prevention of non-communicable diseases in the county.

The theme for the conference is “4 x 4 Four NCDs and Four Modifiable Shared Risk Factors”. The scientific program will feature speakers from UK and Pakistan, covering a wide program of subject areas across the spectrum of chronic diseases and shared risk factors in plenary and parallel session formats.

A range of other sessions, such as workshops, special “Hot Topic” presentations, panel debates and dedicated sessions hosted by related organizations will be held.

This multidisciplinary conference is expected to be attended by a high-level of representation/participation from academic, non-academic medical, health and allied health professionals, provincial, federal government agencies, local and international NGOs and consultants, including specialist health-sector writers from national media houses.

President PNDS, Ms. Fayza Khan says “This Conference invites participants from various disciplines to present their recent research findings, to share knowledge and exchange ideas.

This event will provide an excellent opportunity for all stake holders, govt. & non-governmental organizations, food & nutraceutical industry and the commercial sector to support this conference as it is hoping that resultant joint recommendations of the professional Nutrition and Dietetic Society and the Health Sector will be imperative to devise policies for tackling the disease burden of NCDs and improve the quality of life of the people of Pakistan.