Facebook initiated “Safety Check” for Pak earthquake

Facebook initiated its “Safety Check” option for the tragic incident of earthquake hitting parts of Pakistan including Mirpur, Azad Kashmir where heavy loss of lives and damage recorded.

Facebook initiated “Safety Check” for Pak earthquake‘Safety Check’ also known as ‘Crisis Response’ is a feature introduced by the social networking company Facebook. The feature is activated by the company during natural or manmade disasters and terror related incidents for rapidly figure out whether people in the affected geographical area are safe or not.

People can mark themselves during such crisis and reassure their friends and family of their safety. It also assists people nearby to connect directly or find help for resources like food, supplies or shelter. Moreover, it can also help in fundraising and donation for those affected by crises. And one of the most important that, it also keeps you updated with relevant information about a crisis from a variety of sources.

This option also offers or appeal help for the victims affected by earthquake in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir: Click here to help through Facebook Crisis Response option

Earlier, At least 19 persons were killed and more than three hundred injured as 5.8 magnitude earthquake rattled Azad Kashmir and other parts of Pakistan. Rescue teams have rushed to the place and emergency has been declared at all the hospitals. Temporarily, mobile service has also been affected in effected areas.