5 steel mills sealed for causing air pollution

Environment Protection Department (EPD) has decided to take strict action against steel mills which are causing air pollution. A squad of the EPD sealed five steel rerolling mills in Ahmed Town Mominpura Road Lahore, Punjab.

5 steel mills sealed for causing air pollution

EPD is environmental control regulatory authority in Punjab which is responsible for ensuring control, reduction and elimination of pollution from Punjab.

The action against the mills was directed by EPD Deputy Director Ali Ijaz. He said steel mills were sealed because they were using substandard fuel which release excessive black smoke in air which is one of the major sources of air pollution.

Black Smoke consists many particles that can be dangerous to health especially in combination with other pollutants which can follow to the particulate surfaces. It is released mainly from fuel combustion.

According to a recent study, average air pollution in big cities is about 4 times higher than the World Health Organization (WHO) limits.

Air Pollution effects in several ways such as respiratory diseases and eye irritation etc, reduced visibility, loss of vegetation, damage to material, heritage and monuments and effects on growth of plants

Five steel rerolling mills sealed by the environment protection department included Waqar & Aslam Auto Engineering, Ideal Steel Re-Rolling Mill, Fakeer Hussein Steel ReRolling Mill, Sohail Steel Re-Rolling Mill, and Imran Siraj Steel Re-Rolling Mill.