Student architects construct 5m low priced homes in Pak

A striving plan of constructing five million homes at reasonable prices in Pakistan within five years. This plan will hit by student architects, who use local materials and new technologies to keep low priced homes.

Student architects construct 5m low priced homes in PakImran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan has committed to construct four million homes in rural and one million homes urban areas over the next five years.

Chairman of the federal task force on housing Zaigham Rizvi said, “It is the biggest government support housing programme ever.  It will fulfill half of Pakistan’s needs”.

 According to the United Nations, more than half of Pakistan’s projected 250 million citizens are expected to live in cities by 2030, compared to 36 percent now.

According to the Asian Development Bank, concerning a quarter of the country’s population currently lives below the poverty line, The government will alter financing schemes for people who want to become homeowners but may not have bank accounts or have only a seasonal income.

Firm in Pakistan are developing more than two dozen pilot villages in Punjab by using common, wasteland or grazing and unused public lands.

We want to engage the youth in resolving the nation’s problems. These homes are designed by student architects who will use technology and local materials to keep low priced homes while taking into account cultural and geographical needs. They are allowed to construct one storey instead of high rise buildings in the village. There will be a common area to keep cattle as many people keep them at home.

The rapid growth of cities in Pakistan is expected to speed up the conversion of farmland into built up land. Prime Minister Khan banned the use of farmland for constructing homes earlier this year in a favor to stop cities encroach on agricultural areas.