Electric tech helps backing hair loss

Hardly some things on earth punch fear into the hearts of men more deeply than hair loss. They are going hairless can be the worst nightmare for them but now backing hair loss as easy as wearing a hat with electric technology.

Electric tech helps backing hair lossThis credit goes to engineers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison for developing noninvasive, low-cost hair growth stimulating technology.

Professor of materials science and engineering at UW-Madison Xudong Wang said “I believe this will be a very handy solution towards hair regeneration”.

The hair growth technology is based on a similar idea that small devices called Nanogenerators passively gather energy from day to day actions and then transmit low frequency pulses of electricity to the skin. That gentle electric stimulation cause dormant follicles to reactivate hair production.

Electric pulses are very mild which can’t go into any deeper as a result outermost layers of the scalp, the devices don’t appear to cause any unpleasant side effects on body. Wang said, “It’s a self activated system, very simple and easy to use and “the energy is very low so it will cause minimal side effects.”

This quality marked device lead over other hair loss treatments i-e the medicine Propecia, which carries risks of sexual dysfunction, depression, and anxiety.

This backing hair loss device don’t cause hair follicles to grow new in scalp. It only reactivates hair producing structures that have gone inactive.

The devices don’t require a large battery pack or complicated electronics because the devices are powered by the movement of the wearer.