Project Ama’an takes Pakistan towards high-tech

Pakistan has taken a major jump in technological advancements with the inauguration of project Ama’an in Pakistan. This is world’s largest Artificial Intelligence driven database that captured information related to transferring illegal money.

Project Ama’an takes Pakistan towards high-techSyed Tajjamul Hussain, founder of LFD (Love for Data) and brain behind Project Ama’an said, “This was country’s first data bank to put a pause on unlawful drugs trade on individuals and organizations involved in crimes related to Narcotics and money laundering”.

He added details that different law enforcement agencies across the globe have shown interest in purchasing this data from us including ex secretary general of Interpol. We also have ongoing discussions with UAE Interpol to use our data for identifying some of the criminals that had passed through their immigration.

He said that Pakistan would not only be able to identify our illegal transferred money in drug trade but they would be able to sell this as our own product with the help of project Ama’an. The intelligence from this solution will also be shared with other law enforcement agencies and government bodies for their benefit.

The data in of project Ama’an updates in less than 10 minutes. New features of this project are under development which includes facial recognition and smart search. This project will make Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) one of the most effective forces in the county.