PRES2019 exploring untouched energy potential in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) Pakistan with the help of its supporting partners is going to organize a two-day Pakistan Renewable Energy Summit 2019 (PRES2019) for exploring Pakistan’s untouched energy potentials.

PRES2019 exploring untouched energy potential in PakistanThe summit will be held on 26th and 27th September 2019. The theme of the PRES2019 is “Achieving 30 percent Renewable Energy by 2030”. 

The objectives of this summit are to bringing renowned companies, senior government officials, speakers, local and foreign energy experts, prominent international dignitaries, foreign donors, business community leaders, intellectuals, researchers, students and public figures from around the world at one platform to explore the untouched energy potential available in Pakistan.

One of the goals was to share innovative technology applications, financing mechanisms and best practices that learnt globally and to create awareness about global momentum for renewable energy and advocating for competitive renewable energy market in Pakistan.

Pakistan is an emerging renewable energy market having massive growth potential in the coming years. The country is gradually moving towards connecting high renewable untouched energy potential to meet increasing share of renewable energy in the power mix to at least 30 percent of the installed capacity by 2030,”

At present, renewable energy solutions were not only a competitive energy source at the utility scale, but also a powerful tool to address energy access challenges in Pakistan.

PRES2019 would pay attention towards providing optimal solutions and how fossil fuels move away for environmentally friendly energy resources.