key components of magnetic-levitation train unveiled

CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. unveiled the key components of its magnetic-levitation train with a designed speed of 600 kph in Central China’s Hunan province.

key components of magnetic-levitation train unveiledKey parts of the train’s power system, including a long stator linear motor and two transformers, were unveiled in the city of Zhuzhou.

He Yunfeng, an official of the company, said that different from traditional electrical motors, the long stator linear motor features a simple structure, strong climbing ability, low noise, low energy consumption, and quick start and stop.

The long stator linear motor plays the role of the “heart” of the high-speed train, and the transformers provide a constant and stable direct current power for the linear motor, equivalent to a “blood supply system.”

The high-speed maglev train can fill the service gap between current high-speed rail and aviation services and is of great technological and economic significance for improving the country’s high-speed passenger transport network. High-speed trains in China now run at a speed of up to 350 kph.

A prototype 600 kph magnetic-levitation train rolled off the production line in the eastern city of Qingdao in May.

The high-speed maglev train features high speed, safety, reliability, low noise and vibration, large passenger capacity, on-time performance and low maintenance costs. It can be used to connect major cities or city clusters to boost regional integration.