Huawei emerging as tech competitor against US

Huawei is a pioneer in the emerging telecom field of next-generation or 5G.  it’s come as stronger tech competitor in the field of technology. It  spent 100 billion Yuan ($15 billion) on research and development last year which is more than amount that Apple or Microsoft spent.

Huawei emerging as tech competitor against USDonald Trump threatened US to use US Technology instead of Huawei. He highlights the need of reducing emerging telecom equipment manufacturer products by Chinese for American suppliers.

Huawei’s founder forcing its managers to make tougher competitor by focusing resources on their most important products instead of disabling the company

For information, Huawei Technologies Ltd. is the second largest smartphone brand worldwide and the biggest maker of switching device of phone networks. Its equipment is used by 45 of the 50 biggest global phone carriers. It promises not just to provide faster internet but support for self driving cars and other futuristic applications.

The U.S. claims the company might help in Chinese spying, but Huawei denies that claim and said American officials have provided no evidence.

Huawei needs some American innovations, especially in Google services used on Android phones, but industry experts say the company is increasingly self-sufficient after spending 485 billion yuan ($65 billion) on research and development over the past decade.

Sales of mobile phones will interrupt in US if Huawei get access to Google services used in smartphones. U.S. Commerce Department requires to get permission for Huawei to buy American technology. Ren and other executives said that “Phone sales could be $20 to $30 billion less than forecast over the next two years, but the company will survive.”