Telegram slammed whatsapp new file transfer limit

WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging apps with millions of users from around the world. Nowadays people prefer to talk to each other via encrypted chats on WhatsApp, rather than through local networks and text messaging.

Telegram slammed whatsapp new file transfer limitRecently, WhatsApp asked Twitter to announce its new file transfer limit of 100 MB but the feedback was not what WhatsApp had expected. Telegram seized the opportunity and slammed WhatsApps meager file transfer limit of 100 MB.

WhatsApp said that users are no longer able to email large files to friends or colleagues, but instead can send 100 MB files to WhatsApp instead of email. However, the competing messaging app Telegram did not waste time mocking WhatsApp for their new update.


The telegram has just announced its transmission limit of 1.5 GB compared to WhatsApp’s 100 MB limit. Sending or receiving a 1.5GB file over mobile data may cost you a bit of money, but this type of large file transfer can be useful if you are using Wi-Fi.