Tesla installed self-driving hardware in cars

Tesla is now installing full self driving hardware 3 upgrade in some cars by Nvidia full self driving computer that used in its HW2 and HW2.5 equipped vehicles.

Tesla installed self-driving hardware in carsTesla built its own full self driving (FSD) computer after becoming dissatisfied with the generic computing options available on the market.

Sofiaan clarify that the HW3 upgrade was currently only being offered to Model S and X owners, but just the fact that the upgrades have started is sure to get anyone who purchased the FSD suite excited.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla blasted on news out on Twitter back in March that anyone who purchased FSD would get free of charge upgradation to the new FSD computer.

The new hardware brings computing power to Tesla’s cars 21 times more as compared to the previous generation of Nvidia hardware being used.

Installing the hardware is step one. Tesla will take some time to fully support the solution over the new hardware and get it up and running.

The new HW3 is only installed by eligible vehicles that come in for other service at service centers that have the new hardware and have been trained to install it.

The arrival of HW3 currently only impacts Tesla owners running HW2 who have purchased the FSD software stack.