How data science, poultry industry is associated

The connection between two dissimilar fields one is Poultry and other is  Data Science is annoying. Keeping the considerations, we all noticed rightly that Poultry is altogether a different field from the technological point of view and it is usually associated with eggs & chickens.

How data science, poultry industry is associatedOne can wonder how this field can be linked with such a stem of technology which is highly advanced. Although IoT and Data Science are not much familiar in under developed countries but these are such fields which have brought a revolution in innovation and growing day by day.

For that reason it is possible that it can affect any industry like Poultry. A novice company based in small town of Pakistan has made this possible. They give Next Generation Poultry industry solution (Poulta).

Poulta is one of unique idea which you cannot find elsewhere in the world that’s why it is recognized by advanced countries of the world.

The Silicon Valley which is integrated in advanced regions of the World and it is specially attributed to the new ideas and innovations. It has assured to invest in the Poulta. This is big achievement for the Pakistan based company Poulta.

Historical and proud moment for the Poulta that after getting third rank as a “Most invest able startup” from 125 startups and 20 counties, The Poulta is going to be invested by the Tim Draper from Silicon Valley US, who already invested in Twitter, Hotmail, Skype, Baidu, Tesla, SpaceX and 30+ unicorns companies.  Here the question arises that What is Poulta?

According to Mr. Ali Murtaza (CEO Poulta Company) the Poulta is such kind of solution which provides many facilities to reduce the cost of Farmers by means of IoT. Through this solution they will easily manage poultry farms from anywhere and can escape the loss which is caused by human interaction.

Furthermore, Poulta is based on industry 4.0 technologies, where modern and futuristic technological landscape is helping industries to reshape traditional businesses in new ways by using different techniques like block chain will disruption in poultry industry to provide great insights in poultry farming and edge sensing poultry industry with a power of digital transformation on various data points.

Poulta will provide decentralization of processes within farms that will be helping farmers for more efficient productions and unstructured data extraction of various data formats will provide business insights in invisible spectrum.

In Poulta solution the System is backed with High Powered data storage and collection system which is helping system in real-time based approach and deep learning and machine algorithms will help farmers to get great business insights.

 In this way the successful experiments have been made in the poultry farms of different cities of Pakistan and got positive and fruitful results which benefits to the owners of poultry farms.

Now they want to expand their solution globally. For that Tim Draper’s interest will help then to disrupt the poultry industry globally. So this is very useful solution for small as well as for large scale poultry farms.

By Sajid Bhutto

More than 15 years of experience in Data Science, Commerce, e-commerce, economics, teaching of commerce / economics / career counseling, Business Development.