1st Leadership Conference held at Mehran University

“Youth has the potential to transform Pakistan and deliver towards social development”, it has come out of MUET Leadership Conference 2019 (MLC) held at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro.

1st Leadership Conference held at Mehran UniversityThe two-day leadership conference was organized by Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre’s (IEC) Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society (IES).

The conference was attended by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili (Vice Chancellor MUET), Yousuf Bashir Qureshi (YBQ), Natasha Baig, Shaikh Atif Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Tauha Hussain Ali, Dr Zulfiqar Ali Umrani (Chief Organizer), faculty members and students.

In the opening ceremony, National Anthem was sung with fervor and in Kashmir Solidarity, students of Mehran University Public School waved Pakistani and Kashmiri flags following one-minute silence.

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Umrani, Manager IEC welcomed all the dignitaries and students. He said that the MLC would provide different opportunities to the young leaders, entrepreneurs, and students to boost their skills in the leadership.

SWE and IES 2019 body also took the oath from Vice Chancellor and promised to promote entrepreneurship and leadership skills in the youth.

In his chief guest address, the Vice Chancellor said that the society needs new ways of resolving issues and problems. Universities have to play their role providing them innovative solutions which could address social issues.

He said that IEC is doing good work for promotion of entrepreneurship spirit among youth. Students would be benefitting from MLC and they should learn from the speakers and their experiences.

National and international speakers delivered their talks in the conference. Shaikh Atif Ahmed, CEO Al-Midrar Institute Karachi, said in his session on Leadership that “for doing big things in life, a brave heart is needed.

A brave heart is a will and consciousness. Youth of our nation has to look into issues and opportunities equally. For a success in life, leadership qualities are very important for the youth. They must harness leadership skills to serve tomorrow’s generation”.

Dr. Inam Ul Ahad, Research Development Manager in I-Form Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and Senior Materials Research Scientist in the Advanced Processing Technology Research Centre, Dublin City University, Ireland also spoke on the role of research & development in building leaderships skills.

He said that the youth needs to walk with today’s world. They must understand and conduct research for building their leadership skills. ICT has a role of catalyst to play for building youth leadership skills.

Public speaker and artist, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi conducted his session on leadership. He said that today’s youth has more opportunities around themselves but they need to find the places where they exist.

For that they have to look inside themselves and measure their potential to deal with that opportunities. He emphasized that time management is very important factor in building leadership skills in youth.

On the first day of the MLC, the audience were eagerly waiting to be enthralled in the Musical Concert that was also part of the MLC. A MUET student sang songs for the audience with his band. Fahim Allan Faqeer (son of soofi singer Allan Faqeer) also sang Soofi songs that enthralled the audience.

And finally show-stopper, Natasha Baig (Coke Studio Singer) rocked the musical program. The audience was happy to listen such singers and sustain their enthrallment. There was a farewell gift entry to 16 Batch students of MUET in concert from the Vice Chancellor.  

On the second day of the MLC, Abdullah Jamal, a public speaker and trainer, news-anchor Samaa News, conducted his session on Dignity and Tolerance. In his session, he said that a lot of activities are to be done by the youth. First recognize the energies that you have then calculate all the energies, then try to know your strengths and weaknesses.

If someone successfully knows himself/herself, a row of hope would be arising and making one a leader. A leader for the development of people and society.

Malik Khaskheli, a public speaker & trainer and Executive Director School of Leadership conducted his session Diversity and Inclusion. He said that differences among the people need to be vanished at first. Then the recognition for each other is a must. An ecosystem of support will be helping youth to develop and sustain the leadership qualities, abilities, and skills for a long time.

Rajvanti, a public speaker told her journey of success. She inspired the youth that how a young girl is working in the organization and heading other associations too. A differently-abled person, Engineer Abdul Salam also delivered that a person needs to have a will to do anything in his life. If there is a will, then the is a way.

In the closing ceremony, IES President, Mr. Soman Shaikh thanked to all dignitaries, speakers, society members, participants, IEC team including Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Umrani. Mr. Farhna Ahmed Memon (Program Officer), Mr. Furqan Hyder Shaikh (Associate Program Officer) and others.

In the closing remarks, Mr. Farhan Memon said he was very happy to see response from youth for the MLC. He thanked VC, PVC, Deans, Directors, faculty members, IES and SWE, and IEC team for the successful event. He said we are planning to hold such events in the future to develop leadership skills. Sabri Brothers from Karachi performed Qawwali in the closing. The audience were enthralled when they responded to the Qawwalis and Ghazals sang by Sabri Brothers.