Facial recognition systems in classrooms to monitor students

A university in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, has installed facial recognition systems in classrooms to monitor students’ behavior, sparking a heated debate online.

Facial recognition systems in classrooms to monitor studentsChina Pharmaceutical University recently installed the systems in two pilot classrooms as well as school gates, dormitory entrances, the library and laboratory buildings.

Xu Jianzhen, director of the university’s library and information center, told ThePaper.cn that the systems will help teachers check student attendance and monitor behavior during the lectures.

“In the past, some students just checked their attendance and ditched the class or asked other students to check the attendance for them. Now with facial recognition, that would no longer be a problem,” he said.

“The moment you enter the classroom, the camera will monitor you all the way through and can tell how long you lower your head, whether you’re playing with a smartphone, whether you’re dozing off or reading other books,” he added.

The news has raised wide debate on Chinese social media, with many questioning if the cameras will infringe on students’ privacy.

A Sina Weibo user said: “I oppose such methods, and it is not clear whether the systems are developed by the school itself or by third parties. If it is the latter, is there any regulation of security? Where will the information be sent and stored?”

Gan Xiangsi, a senior student from the university, said she welcomed the systems being applied in dormitories and libraries as this can help prevent personal belongings being stolen, but it is not necessary to use such technology in the classroom.

“If the teacher teaches well, the students will be interested,” she said. “On the contrary, this kind of monitoring will make everyone feel resistant.”