Mechanical waves stores, release without energy loss

The storing and releasing of mechanical waves without energy loss sounds a bit out there; almost as if it is the foundation principle. However, researchers can assure you that it is a real thing. 

Mechanical waves stores, release without energy lossThe new and potentially revolutionary methodology. In short, their discovery will allow sound waves to be stored intact for as long as you want and released on demand.

The new discovery has a host of applications that could end up changing a lot of your favorite technology for the better.

Now, if you don’t know already, light and sound waves play a part in some of the common technologies found today. However, properly catching waves to store them for an indefinite period of time has been out of the question.

However, now that it has been demonstrated as possible the discovery could go on to open the doors to energy harvesting, information storage, and quantum computing just to name a few. 

Researchers were able to stop the excitation or detuning one of the waves. Even more so they were able to capture these waves and re-release them to a direction of their choosing.

In short, their mechanical waves findings will be applicable to “radio waves and light, offering exciting prospects for efficient energy harvesting, wireless power transfer, low-energy photonics, and generally enhanced control over wave propagation.”