Hysabkytab, Commissioner Karachi inked to start Siren app

HysabKytab Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with Commissioner Karachi as part of kick starting their emergency platform, Siren App. The partnership was commemorated through a brief contract signing ceremony held at the Commissioner’s office in Karachi.

Hysabkytab, Commissioner Karachi inked to start Siren appThis partnership is the first of its kind as Commissioner Karachi is the first to lead this change by adopting and implementing ‘SirenApp: The Emergency Platform’. It will involve integration of SirenApp with Rescue 1299, which is a project by Commissioner Karachi.

The Siren App Emergency platform provided by HysabKytab consists of mobile apps and web portals. Under the contract, HysabKytab will be delivering this technology by providing licenses for the mobile applications and the web portals to Rescue 1299.

Iftikhar Shallwani, Commissioner Karachi, while sharing his views at the occasion said, “Considering the prevailing situation in the metropolis, where even light rain can cause great havoc, an emergency platform like this is the need of the hour. I am elated to be partnering with HysabKytab, as their technology will enable our rescue portals to become further streamlined and together, we can connect the user and the rescue operations in a hassle-free manner. In this progressive world, Pakistan is still playing catch up, therefore, we need to make the most of advanced technology to have a better place to live in.”

Yasir Ilyas, Country Head, HysabKytab, thanked the Commissioner Karachi while saying, “Growing up in the USA I was used to the concept of 911, living without which was inconceivable. Realizing this gap that exists in Pakistan, we at HysabKytab responded by developing a solution that utilizes the state-of-the-art technology and makes the user experience seamless.Very happy to partner with the office of Commissioner of Karachi, making life better for the people living in the 7th largest city of the world.”

Veqar ul Islam, Director and CEO, Jaffer Business Systems and Co-Founder of HysabKytab, while lauding Commissioner Karachi to be the first to take this step into the future said,

“Pakistan and many other developing countries have not been able to provide its residents with a reliable platform to use in emergency situations. Given the need of the hour, I am excited to introduce the Siren App Emergency Platform with our first agency partner – the Commissioner of Karachi. I encourage all Pakistanis to download this application so they can have help when they need it the most.”

Rescue 1299 is a project by Commissioner Karachi and was launched in 2013. By this collaboration, the aim of this project is to ‘help the helpers’ by integrating the city’s concerned authorities to provide prompt response in emergency situations through a single centralized source which will reduce panic and mitigateany disastrous circumstances.