Pakistan’s all emergency platform Siren app launched

A high-tech mobile application Siren designed in such an order that keep’s all emergency platforms at one place to help people in emergencies by connecting them to pertinent authorities like ambulance, fire, police and others.

Pakistan’s all emergency platform Siren app launched

The great initiative Siren is designed and developed by Jaffer Business Systems Private Limited (JBS). Mobile app is openly available for free download at Google play store.

Seeing, the signing ceremony held at Karachi on 30th August,2019 between the Commissioner Karachi and Hysab Kitab for the modernization of Rescue 1299 through the adoption of Siren Emergency Platform. 

The app is very simple to use;

  1. First it connects you with the relevant emergency responders of your city by having every emergency number in one place.
  2. Secondly, It also sends a siren alert to your loved ones with the location of your incident simultaneously.
  3. Thirdly, partnering with Govt agencies for prompt responses and live tracking keeps you updated.

Keeping the consideration of Siren app, it auto dials the emergency numbers in Pakistan right away without requiring you to go into the trouble of finding and dialing different emergency numbers in dread situations and losing time. 

With Siren, you can also preset five of your family/friends numbers who will be instantly notified in case you are caught up in any emergency

The excellent emergency, safety and rescue alert initiative would serve our society even better as it save many beautiful lives.