Huawei Launches Huawei ICT

Huawei, along with the representative of Huawei ICT Academy, officially launched Huawei ICT Competition 2019-2020. The roadshows at Huawei ICT Academies have begun.

Huawei Launches Huawei ICTFirst was held at Mehran University of Engineering and technology, Jamshoro. The event started with an introductory session between representatives of Huawei and MUET. During the roadshow students were briefed about Huawei ICT competition and Huawei’s work in Pakistan.

The students were very enthusiastic to participate, on the first day a massive number of students participated, out of which more than 90% were able to register on the online portal.

For facilitation purposes students were made ambassadors for the registration process so that more interested students could register later.

The preliminary round will be held in more than 70 countries worldwide, with an expected number of approximately 120,000 contestants from more than 200- colleges and universities.

With the slogan of “Connection Glory Future”, the event aims to provide a platform for global ICT talent to compete and communicate, promote high-quality ICT talent development, and drives the growth of a robust and sustainable ICT talent ecosystem.

In Pakistan the aim is to make 11,000 students part of Huawei ICT Competition 2019-2020. 70+ institutions will be invited to take part from all across Pakistan. During the event, a wide variety of activities such as roadshows, trainings, workshops and lectures will be arranged for students and teachers.

Huawei ICT Competition invites talented ICT students from around the world to test their capabilities and exchange with each other. The competition is oriented to Huawei ICT Academy, as well as colleges and universities that have disciplines in related fields.

Since the first Huawei ICT Competition in 2015, the number of participants has increased exponentially. Huawei ICT Competition 2018-2019, which drew to a successful close in May where the Pakistani team secured 2nd position in the Global Final, attracted more than 10,000 students from over 50 colleges and universities.

The upcoming Huawei ICT Competition 2019-2020 will be carried out in several rounds: preliminary, enablement trainings, national final, regional final, and global final.

The course content of Huwei ICT competition will be based on routing and Switching, Security, WLAN, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and 5G. In this fast pace of modern era of ICT development Artificial Intelligence and 5G is of crucial importance.

As an integral part of Huawei’s talent ecosystem construction, Huawei ICT Competition actively explores innovative talent development modes, and plays a critical role in promoting ICT technologies, developing ICT talent, and bridging the talent gap.

Huawei is a horizon of a Better Connected World. It’s connecting systems, businesses, cities, societies and people around the globe; improving efficiencies, transforming industries, creating better experiences for everyone and enabling free exchange of thoughts and ideas, and driving progress of the world.

By 2025, there will be 4 billion new internet users, 8 billion smart phone in use, and 100 billion general connection.

Towards the end of the competitions National winners will receive an immersion within an ICT company’s HQ in Shenzhen, certification, cash prizes and employment opportunities at Huawei to select candidates.

As part of the competition, Huawei will offer all participants’ access to free courses and learning materials as well as opportunities for free online exchanges, learning, and preparation.

By doing so, Huawei hopes to achieve the goal of an equal opportunity for quality education and that more people can benefit from the digital economy.