Transgender take part to boast the plastic bags drive

Islamabad to go plastic free city government’s move come up as a means of employment for the transgender community, many welcomed an initiative to sell eco-friendly bags in the capital.

Transgender take part to boast the plastic bags driveKeeping the considerations, Islamabad government allowed transgender community to make stalls without any charges for the vending of eco-friendly bags as part of the campaign to combat the looming plastic bags pollution.

Nadeem Kashish, a transgender activist who runs the non-government Trans rights organization SAFAAR said,

“We approached the authorities to give us the opportunity of getting a respectable livelihood through this plastic bag drive.”

Kashis said “Through contributions we have collected around Rs 10,000 and bought some 400 bags, since we go in the streets and all types of neighborhood, we have set just Rs5 profit margin for each bag, which will cost us Rs25.”

Islamabad deputy commissioner Muhammad Hamza Shafqat seeing this stated that “We will neither charge them rental or license fee nor impose a fine on them, they can also set up makeshift stalls after informing us at a location of their choice.”

Moreover, Shafqat highlights that the initiative might not “bring a revolution” but “our efforts will certainly bear fruits. Involving transgender [people] will boast our drive.”