Constellation Software to enter in Pakistani market

With increasing digitization and internet convenience, Pakistani market is becoming one of the fastest growing markets across the globe from the several years, with a considerable growth in online brokers, e-commerce platforms and online payments services.

Constellation Software to enter in Pakistani marketSecretary-General P@SHA, Shehryar Hydri address one of the prime gaps in our ecosystem is the absence of exit opportunities for startups, whether its acquisitions, M&A’s or IPO’s.

The most important development which will instantaneously change this equation and provide options to the Pakistani market is to established small and medium enterprises (SME’s) as well as larger companies looking to exit or cohort with a bigger entity, he further highlights.

Keeping the considerations, Constellation Software, Inc. is Canada’s prevalent public high-tech company, with revenue of $3 billion and 13,000 employees worldwide have gained dozens of companies across the sphere and are now enthusiastically looking at the Pakistan market.

Their local auxiliary, Contour Software, has grown to over 600 employees and is expanding further that is an only one of its kind opportunity to see the sights for those who have been planning an exit or expansion through an M&A (mergers and acquisitions).

In addition, the majority of high-end companies is involved in the development and distribution of enterprise resource management and modified solutions for particular industry sectors.

Consequently, there is a growing interest from diverse superior entities to enter into the Pakistani market as it has the potential to perk up the booming challenges.