AI Summit 2019 gateway to highlight Pakistani market

A one of its kind exposition conference AI Summit 2019 is a gateway to highlight achievements of the Pakistani market in the field of Artificial Intelligence at a global scale.

AI Summit 2019 gateway to highlight Pakistani marketThe AI summit inaugural ceremony held at Pakistan’s digital services 10Pearls that gather venue for entrepreneurs, product owners, experts, developers, academics, researchers and enthusiasts who are eager to make their mark in the Big Data and AI revolution.

Of total 120 applications received, 10 exhibitors are selected who will get the chance to showcase their AI-based products at the ITCN Asia, reaching out to thousands of potential investors, partners and other tech enthusiasts.

The selected exhibitors will showcase the thriving industry enabling new avenues and innovative ideas for the AI community, ending with an evening of recognition awards for the most viable and innovative products to come forth.

Furthermore, product demos will be interactive, unique and innovative AI products made by Pakistani technologists.

The products ranged from improving the traffic management in urban cities to better predictive analysis for crime investigations to early cancer detection and showcased how artificial intelligence can improve businesses and society.

The mega event will be hosted by ITCN Asia, Pakistan’s leading IT and Telecom extravaganza on 17th September, 2019.