Dr. Zaigham talk at Int'l ESDev conference 2019

A three-day 8th international conference on “Environmentally Sustainable Development 2019” (ESDEV) take place at COMSATS University Islamabad,  Abbottbad Campus from 21-23 August organized by CUI Environmental Sciences department.

Dr. Zaigham talk at Int'l ESDev conference 2019This year’s ESDev 2019 special sessions are Climate Change and Glacier Dynamics, Dynamics of Emerging Pollutants from Assessments to Remediation and the last one Climate Responsive Architecture.

The 8th International program committee members of the moot are Prof. Dr. Lee Wilson from Canada, Prof. Dr. Mauro centritto from Italy, Prof. Dr. Kostas Chartzoulakis from Greece ,Prof. Dr. An Ping from Japan.

From China, Prof. Dr. Xu Jianming , Prof. Dr. He Yan. Prof. Dr. Shiyin Liu , Prof. Dr. Wu Kunpeng, Prof. Dr.Luo Yi , Prof. Dr.Xiaoyan Tang and Prof. Dr. Airong Qian.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Soylak take part in the conference from Turkery , Dr. Andol Ghaffar Ebadi belongs to Tajikistan and from Malaysia Dr. Mohammed Azmi Bustam.

The national program committee members from PMAS-Arid Agriculture University are Dr. Azeem Khalid and Dr. Audil Rashid, Dr. Daud Khan from KUST, From CUI, Islamabad campus, professors Dr. Nazneen, Dr. Jabir Hussain Syed and Dr. Kalim Ullah take part in the environment sustainable moot.

From Peshawar University, Dr. Sardar Khan, Dr. Shafaqat Ali-GCU Faisalabad and Dr. Zaigham Abbas from Ministry of Climate Change take part in the moot towards the creation of a sustainable world.

Dr. Zaigham Abbas highlights the key challenges and how to sensitize the critical environmental issues. He actively discussed the real-time issues, examining the current practices and determining the future policies on the subject.

Moreover, he aimed to promote the research and developmental activities in the field of environmental science and development. 

The international conference under one umbrella bring all leading researchers, experts and provides the interdisciplinary forum for the new and advance research work, results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied environmental science and development.