Pollution free method extracting hydrogen from oil

Scientists have developed a pollution-free method for extracting hydrogen from oil, without releasing climate-affecting pollutants like carbon dioxide and methane.

Pollution free method extracting hydrogen from oilA group of Canadian scientists announced the discovery of a way to produce hydrogen without the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. This hydrogen is obtained directly from oil sands and oil fields, leaving the carbon dioxide and methane in the ground.

The Canadian scientists team unveiled their findings at the ongoing Geochemistry Conference in Barcelona which finishes on August 23. They further revealed that this clean method of energy production could fulfill Canada’s entire electricity requirement for the next 330 years.

These cars use hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity to power the engine, eliminating toxic emissions. Hydrogen for these vehicles is mainly produced from natural gas, which releases methane, contributing to global warming and the potential to utilize existing oilfield infrastructures.

Although this groundbreaking production method is not entirely new, it prevents carbon dioxide (Co2) from escaping into the air, which had not been achieved before. Secondly the development is very economical.

While this method has the potential to utilize existing oilfield infrastructures that are not working at full capacity, it is yet to be tested on an industrial scale to determine its practicality.