Pakistan's team competes at Beijing robots competition

First International Competition for Autonomous Running Intelligent Robots held in Beijing, China hosted by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology and organized by the Beijing Institute of Electronics and the Institute of Microelectronics of Tsinghua University.

Pakistan's team competes at Beijing robots competitionPakistan is among the 33 teams that compete in the robotics championship 2019 at the Beijing Science Center. The main competition takes the form of field task competition. Robots perform nine tasks such as obstacle crossing, kicking and crossbar crossing on the prescribed track.

The robotic competition strategy is designed by the team itself and the algorithm is optimized. The field task competition is conducted in two competition systems: Challenges (standard competition) and advancement (free competition). At the same time, deduction (robot function exhibition) is also arranged in the competition.

The robotics team consisting of four students from Tsinghua University and one from the University of Lincoln won the first prize at the first ever autonomous running intelligent robots competition in Beijing science center. The team was also awarded $10,000 for their brilliant recital at the competition.

This intelligent running robotic competition promotes the integrated development of chip and robotics-related new technologies while encouraging young mindset to study artificial intelligence, robotics controls and the chip designs.