Pakistan’ first animal probiotics database research

Biological insights are of considerable importance at national and international levels. Seeing, a Senior Scientific Officer at National Institute for Genomics and Applied Biotechnology, Islamabad, Dr. Shakira Ghazanfar strengthen the animal probiotics research.

Pakistan’ first animal probiotics database researchFor the first ever time “Animal Priobiotics Research” successfully done in Pakistan. Dr. Shakira isolated the bacterial strains from the gut of Pakistan’s local buffalo named (Nilli Ravi) from long, and carried out the whole genome and metagenome data analysis to jump down at the genomic level of the animal probiotic activity.

Dr. Shakira’s  lab is equip with the most advanced wet lab techniques to isolate the probiotics animals strains and through this NGS based medium she recently started to produce immense amount of genomic data.

The highly admirable research throughput the genomic data of our local strains has opened a new opportunity for Pakistan to supremacy the world in the animal probiotics research by managing the data well.

Ultimately the priobiotic research led us to start a project of building Pakistan’s First Animal Probiotic Database as “PAPD” to store this bulky amount of data.

The database will then store data that can be analyzed for years to get the insight and will ultimately put Pakistan under the catalog of universal leaders in the meadow of animal probiotics database.