Dr. Joya lecture on Scientific Research in Pakistan

A two-day long international workshop on “Fostering Scientific Research and Innovation in Pakistan” is held in Jinah Auditorium, GCWU-F and is successfully completed on August 2019.

Dr. Joya lecture on Scientific Research in PakistanDr. Khurram Joya, active researcher, scientists, associate professor, research-coach and honored speaker talked about scientific research on workshop.

Dr. Khurram Joya gave the lecture on writing scientific articles in first session. He provided a step-by-step discussion on the paper writing and publishing process and also discussed about the high impact research papers and ethics in research publications.

Several topics about patents and Industry-academia linkages were discussed in second session that encouraged researchers to apply for patent registration and also emphasized on the commercialization of research products.

He focused on the need of industry-Academia linkage and gave suitable and practical suggestions for establishing Industry-Academia Linkages in Pakistan to subsequently commercializing the research.

Prior to the distribution of certificates to the organizers, Prof. Dr.Robina Farooq, VC GCWU-F, gave away the concluding remarks and encouraged her faculty members, students and other participants to engage in productive and innovative research work.

The participants in workshop gained knowledge about research publications, patents and acknowledged the consequence of collaboration among academic institutions and industries in improving research and recommended the holding of more innovative workshops.