Open Letter: clumsily exploit of mobile phones
Technology is becoming increasingly personalized, with mobile phones and computers basically it redefine the way individuals conduct their everyday lives. Seeing the modern arena trends there’s some nuts and bolts of mobile phones.
Open Letter: clumsily exploit of mobile phones
Johar Ali Khan – wrote an open letter concerning on increasingly mobile phones misuse
I am trying to draw the attention via open letter towards a community where mobile phones are becoming a wide range of fancy items. Nowadays mobile phones are not used for necessary needs but they are misused.
I am very concerned about the misuse of the mobile phones by youngsters and kids. The mobiles can cause many brain diseases and heart problems. Talking on the smartphone for a long time can cause problems to the ear drum of kids. The little gadget is taking the earth by a storm. The kids keep playing on the mobile phones which distracts their attention. 
In schools, students misuse the mobile by recording the lectures, taking photos of notes. Moreover, children are like wet cement and whatever falls on them makes an impression.
Some people say that the parents should not buy the smart phones for the children. But it is better to build strong children rather than repairing their parents.