PARC approved 33 maize hybrid for cultivation

The Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC), Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) approved 33 hybrids maize, 2 pearl millet (fodder), 02 sorghum sudan grass and 1 sorghum hybrid for profitable cultivation.

PARC approved 33 maize hybrid for cultivationKeeping in view the fact that hybrid maize provides new change in farming opportunities as these seeds improve yields in the surface of diversified agro-ecological zones.

The meeting aimed to provide quality hybrid to maize growers and address the problems like seed production, approval, release, marketing, adaptability issues and national uniform yield prosecutions in the country.

Seeing, Chairman PARC, Dr. Umer Farooq cherished the role of PARC coordination and the increasing reliance of people on the structure and urged the need to accomplish self-sufficiency in local seed production to lessen the massive import volume of seed.

Dr. Abdul Ghafoor, Member, Plant Sciences, PARC Chaired the VEC meeting and highlights the evolving trend of indigenous research and development of private seed companies in the country’s seed sector.

Keeping in line, various public/private companies recommended quality hybrid seeds. Of total 48 suggestions 38 after thoroughly scrutiny were allowed for recruiting with the Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department to regulate high quality seeds.

These 33 approved hybrid maize seeds provided to farmers intended to improve productivity for a better market and yields in the erratic climatic changes.