PM approves phenomenal Sindh Barrage Project

In what can be termed a historic development for addressing the issues relating to water in Sindh province including in the areas downstream Kotri Barrage and cosmopolitan city of Karachi, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has formally approved to develop a water reservoir / water body by constructing a Sindh barrage on River Indus about 45 kilometer (Km) upstream of its outfall into sea.

PM approves phenomenal Sindh Barrage ProjectThe project named “Sindh Barrage” is being dubbed as a phenomenal project to address almost all water issues in downstream Kotri Barrage starting from sea intrusion to land erosion in delta, from adverse impact of climate change to loss of wetland habitats, mangroves and marine life, and from non-availability of fresh water for both irrigation and domestic use to mass exodus.

Sindh Barrage Project has been conceived and proposed by Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) in view of the long standing water issues in Sindh including Karachi.

The proposed Sindh Barrage Project is scheduled to be completed in December 2024 by implementing the project on fast-track. WAPDA will commence the feasibility study in next month followed by its vetting by international consultants by December 2020 and completion of detailed engineering design by December 2021.

Subsequently, construction of the project will start in January 2022 and complete in December 2024.  

The proposed Sindh Barrage’s Project is to be constructed 65 Km South of Thatta and 130 Km East of Karachi.