YouTube Premium rolled out 1080p video downloads

The second prevalent search engine after Google is YouTube. Seeing the ratings and search boost the platform Youtube Premium will now allow you to download videos for offline viewing in 1080p.

YouTube Premium rolled out 1080p video downloadsYoutube new 1080p feature makes its user happy as the android Police first spotted the update, and the company confirmed to multiple sources that the feature is rolling out to “most Premium markets,” with more to come.

Until now, YouTube has limited downloads to 720p. While not the worst thing in the world especially considering downloads are only available on mobile devices it’s not up to snuff for most flagship phone screens, let alone an Android or iOS tablet.

This is made worse due to compression artifacts; you might technically be watching a 720p video, but the effective resolution of highly compressed video is lower.

1080p should be a significant upgrade for mobile devices with high-resolution displays, though it will obviously take a greater toll on your storage. And as before, you’ll need to have a YouTube Premium subscription to download videos in the first place.

The feature appears to be rolling out slowly, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it on your device yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Of course, for some of us, 1080p won’t be enough.