Tunnel farming production gains ground in Punjab

Tunnel farming for vegetables boosts per-acre yield, cuts the cost of production and helps in off-season production. Seeing this, the small growers and farmers in Punjab carried out over 16,101 acres of land across the Province.

Tunnel farming production gains ground in PunjabAgriculture department officials told that more than 1,800 small farmers adopted tunnel farming on their own expenses in Sialkot, Daska, Pasrur and Sambrial tehsils of the district.

Keeping in view the cut cost production the farmer’s community is considering the tunnel farming to cultivate the healthy and cost-efficient vegetables and contacting concerned agriculture department for authentic information and guidance.

The agricultural experts were extending full cooperation and assistance to the interested farmers in this regard. The potent farmers successfully installed low tunnels and started cultivating off-season vegetables like cucumber, tomato, green chilly, paprika, pumpkin, bitter gourd, watermelon and melons.

Farmers say that off-season and higher production of vegetables, economized use of water and more effective pest and weed management are three main features of tunnel farming which all together make it feasible but the whole process requires larger quantity of fertilizers.

The per acre yield of vegetables cultivated under farming technology was much elevated as compared to traditional farming, because of proper temperature to attain maximum productivity of vegetables and fruits.