ThinkTiny - the teeniest gaming lenovo Thinkpad

A computer hobbyist Paul Klinger, a PhD physics graduate has created “ThinkTiny” what might be the smallest ThinkPad laptop that can fit in the palm of your hand.

ThinkTiny - the teeniest gaming lenovo ThinkpadPaul Klinger assembled the miniature notebook using components he bought online and a 3D printer to fabricate the black casing. 

The laptop is pretty limited in functionality, but you can play games on it. Klinger uploaded a YouTube video, showing the machine running black-and-white versions of Tetris, Snake, and Lunar Lander on the device’s tiny 128-by-64-pixel screen.

The ThinkTiny is too small to have a functioning keyboard. But it does have the ThinkPad’s iconic “TrackPoint” red button, which can act as a mouse.

“I basically made it just for fun,” Klinger told. He previously created another miniature PC, a gaming desktop, which he also programmed to run simple computer games.

It took Klinger about a week or so to build the ThinkTiny. The code is mostly the same as for tiny gaming PC, so the main part of that was the mechanical design for the case.

The PCB (printed circuit board) is pretty simple, and took less time to create. In total, Paul spent about $70 on components and another $15 on the custom printed circuit board.