ASM 52 weeks of biosafety is being offered in Pakistan

American Society for Microbiology 52 weeks of Biosafety program 2019 is being offered in Pakistan organized by ASM in collaboration with safer behaviors, USA and Pakistan Biological Safety Association, NIH Pakistan (ASM-PBSA-NIH).

ASM 52 weeks of biosafety is being offered in PakistanASM-PBSA-NIH Pakistan marking the fourth iteration of the year-long program in Pakistan. It started in March 2019 and will end in March 2020. In person training half of the people were invited to attend in July and half will be invited in September. The rest is online delivered by Sean Kauffman, CEO safer behaviors.

52 Week program is an innovative, multi-faceted approach to creating sustainable biorisk management systems. The program provides “bite-sized” lessons on biosafety and biosecurity in order to make positive change feel more achievable.  

This year’s program will focus on working with high consequence zoonotic pathogens in a One Health (OH) context, and will align with the new Pakistan OH Roadmap.

The ASM 52 week program will provide participants with the opportunity to train in-person, as well as monthly course modules that explore specific topics relating to biosafety, biosecurity, and biorisk management.

The basic goal of Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA), NIH Pakistan behind the ASM program is to promote and endorse wide-ranging knowledge related to severe Biosafety and biosecurity issues and biorisk management in Pakistan.