Tesla will add Netflix, YouTube streaming to its cars

Elon Musk has uncovered that Tesla’s vehicles will “soon” offer Netflix and YouTube streaming in as much as the vehicle is stopped. It would have an “immersive, cinematic feel” since you’re sitting in rich seats with surround sound.

Tesla will add Netflix, YouTube streaming to its cars

CEO Elon Musk stated that, You’ll soon be able to stream videos from Netflix from Tesla dashboards. The displays in cars will be able to stream YouTube and Netflix.

He did not give an exact date but the changes could come within a few months and as soon as August, he said in a response to the tweet.

The video streaming would only work when the car was stopped, similar to how games like “Cuphead” and “Super Breakout” currently work inside cars. The steering wheel works as the remote to play games.

Musk has long wanted Tesla cars to act as hubs of entertainment content. In the tweet he said that customers could expect “an amazingly immersive, cinematic experience” because of the car’s surround sound and chairs.

Tesla cars would be able to operate without a driver by the end of this year.
“I think we will be feature-complete full self-driving this year, meaning the car will be able to find you in a parking lot, pick you up, take you all the way to your destination without an intervention this year.”