Saudi Arabia plans to make a smart city 'Neom' by 2030

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman intends to form a new smart city referred to as the Neom project, for lessening the Kingdom’s dependence on oil.

Saudi Arabia plans to make a smart city 'Neom' by 2030

The city would be called Neom. The word is a combination of Greek word Neom which means new and the Arabic word Mustaqbil which means future.

The features provided with extreme technology including an artificial moon,clouds and rainfall, robot dinosaurs, flying cars, human gene editing and glow in the dark sand.

Furthermore, the city would also have schools where classes would be taught by holographic teachers, robotic maids for the housework, a Jurassic park-like island featuring robotic dinosaurs for entertainment and also an ultra-modern security system that would make use of drones, security cameras and facial recognition for tracking each citizen throughout the day.

Nadhmi al Nasr the Chief Executive of Neom told that Neom is all about things that are definitely related to future and are visionary. He added that they are talking about technology that is cutting edge and beyond and in some of the cases is still in the development and maybe theoretical stages.

As per the reports, Neom is among the crown prince Vision of 2030 to modernize and diversify the country’s economy by cutting down its dependence on fossil fuels.