Science and technology brighten the nation's progress

The words science and technology are converse with each other. The goal of science is to describe, predict, and analyze while the goal of technology is to create products that make human life comfortable.

Science and technology brighten the nation's progressSimply technology is the practical implementation of science. Without science, we cannot construct technological advancements. The central point of any nation’s progress is science and technology. Science and technology are extremely important for overnight development.

A domain without science and technology is considered an underdeveloped nation. Computers are one of the greatest inventions that couple the whole world.

In Pakistan, the alarmingly low budget is spent in the science and technology sector that is only 0.00025 percent of Gross Domestic Product. South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia were the countries that were considered with poor strategies with no evolution but today in the field of research and technology they have created ridge across the globe.

Where does Pakistan stand in the field of research and technology? We need to focus on our policies in the domain of science and technology. The central point of our education program and ways of teaching is to reproduce the academic information without its implementation in the progress of the country.

Books written by foreign authors give the advance knowledge but it cannot describe the technological needs of any country. Presenting the theme foundation without any simulation has no productive outcome. The major problem in the research skills of the person is to focus on the number of publications rather than quality.

Participation in research on university teaching is another barrier in the magnification of science and technology. In Pakistan, some university heads do not bear that some subordinates and colleagues publish their high-quality papers. The communication gap and attitude of low participation also require to rehabilitate.

The standard and upgrade research requests to call scholars and scientists and arrange seminars, workshops, and conferences on the latest topics. All these activities require funding and resources and the government of Pakistan should have to provide proper resources so that young scholars can contribute to the development of the country.

A notable amount of students are coming back to their land after completing the higher-level degrees. The government of Pakistan should provide resources to young scholars so that they can contribute to creative activities. Well-ordered meetings and get together at the local and national level will be a source of brainstorming that will be favorable for them, institutions and for the whole land.

Mainly, the central point of Pakistani research is revolved around weapons, ballistic technology, and other protection associated technology. The government of Pakistan must be energetic and provides opportunities to increase the usage of science and technology. We should focus on the benefit of the internet in achieving defensible development goals.

The usage of artificial intelligence and the internet of things can transform any nation by decreasing the discontinuity between the physical world and the internet. Although Pakistan now has a better technology framework still there are some challenges faced by the technology sector.

The world is spotlessly divided by technology borderline that breaks up the technologically inventive countries and technologically backward countries. It is necessary to understand the evolution that development is a multi-branched procedure and several factors involved in the progress of the land.

Firstly development must be based on the high quality of education and higher literacy at all levels. The third world countries must uncover their young scholars in a challenging environment that prepares them to think and find out the solutions to difficult problems.

The second important fact for the development of a country is the higher level of competence of science. The underdeveloped nations should have to upgrade their educational and research institutes to an intercontinental consonant level of distinction through the development of remarkable researchers.

They must be the center of attention of new science and technology. We should have high-quality research and knowledge to compete in developed countries.

The third most important angle of development of any land is applied research and technology development. We must recognize the intense forecast directed at;

  • Increasing export
  • Encourage import substitutions
  • Increasing the quality and productivity of subsisting manufactured products
  • Conduct to market better and new outcome through the new talent of our engineers and technologists

This is the composite issue for both economists and technologists to increase the production of procedure on the wide range so that financial workability can appropriately become successful.

The fourth facet of development is government mechanisms and policies to forward the investment of entrepreneurs to native developed processes and products. In Pakistan due to the negligence science and technology sector never given the status required to entail use it as to contribute to the economic and technological growth of the state.

Lack of proper facilities and the environment in educational institutes our universities are considered as third world colleges in the international ranking of universities. The present government gives a high priority to science and technology including the Information technology (IT) sector.

An absolute program has been worked out for economic development programs based on science and technology integration. In the science and technology realm, our strategies mainly focused on technology development and industrialization, human resource management and usage of science and technology in economic growth.

Another challenge that id faced by Pakistan is that higher education commission also has been neglected and the quantity and quality of Ph.D. level researchers in universities also decreasing. As a result, four Ph.D. programs are launched by the ministry of science and education of Pakistan that increases the quantity for 60 to 400 per year.

To increase the standard of education and research in Pakistan the government has taken many steps. According to my point of view, the most important step in the establishment of HEC (higher education commission). This commission has already taken the steps to attain the international standard in the areas of economic, education, research, and technology.

The government also increases the funding through this commission which is a very good initiative. These programs constitute the authentic turning point in the development of science and technology in Pakistan. A real emergency, at last, has been made after 50 years of negligence of this important sector.

By farkhanda athar

I am a Computer Science student. I can deliver accuratelt, grammarly correct and palagiarism free content.