Thriving app 'Qeemat Punjab' pile up many users

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) developed a potent mobile application titled “Qeemat Punjab” that steps up information related services to the citizens without any hassle.

Thriving app 'Qeemat Punjab' pile up many users

Qeemat Punjab mobile app attracts a lot of users more than 50,000 mobile phone users have downloaded the app over the last few weeks because of its accurately working functionality.

Qeemat Punjab allows users to check information regarding market prices of fruits, vegetables and other items of daily use. The app also allows users to make complaints against shopkeepers who are overcharging as compared to the prices already set by the market.

Citizens can read the information in both Urdu and English on the app. According to the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) spokesperson, the app is regularly updated in accordance with changing market prices of items, almost on a daily basis.

The ultimate aim of this application is to control the hike in market prices and to provide ease to the citizens. As everyone easily grasps the advancements in technology so it’s very easy to use for almost every individual.

On the Google play store many reviews updated, some concerning on complaints whereas majority of the users finds it very useful and helpful mobile application in the provincial capital.