Dropbox Transfer aims to send up to 100GB of files

Sharing files through Dropbox is not a new concept. For years, the company has made it pretty easy but a new feature called Dropbox Transfer aims to remove the last bits of friction from that process by focusing specifically on sending files.

Dropbox Transfer aims to send up to 100GB of files

Right now, when you share a file or folder from your Dropbox with someone, any changes made to it sync. So if you delete the folder or replace its contents, the person you sent it to won’t be able to access it anymore.

Transfer, on the other hand, sends a copy of the file so that you can share it with someone and they can download it regardless of whether they use Dropbox or not.

And since Transfer sends a copy of the file, you can change or delete things without those changes affecting the recipient.

Dropbox’s head of product Adam Nash said that he imagines people using Transfer to send content to clients, whereas shared folders are more useful in the context of collaboration.

Another benefit Dropbox is touting is file size: you can send up to 100GB of files in one go with Transfer. That’s significantly more than you can send with services like Hightail, WeTransfer and Mediafire.

Dropbox Transfer opens today as a private beta regardless of whether you’re using a free or paid account, you can join the beta waitlist on Dropbox’s site for a chance to give the service a shot.