Nestle Pakistan to save marine life by sea clean drive

Celebrating world ocean day, Nestle Pakistan launched its global initiative titled as “Nestle Care” aimed to cleaned the sea to save the marine life. The drive begun at the most polluted city of the country’ sea view beach, Karachi.

To halt the ever expanding marine pollution, Nestle Pakistan takes a step under PM clean and green Pakistan initiative. To combat the looming concern, the waste needs to be discarded properly. As waste management is the major issue of marine pollution.

According to few statistics, Karachi produced around 12,000 tons of solid waste and 500m gallons of waste water every day, almost all of it ends up in the sea after few years it causes a disaster plastics than marine life.

Considering the vigorously mounting circumstances, Nestle Cares drive constituted gathering and sorting of plastics along Sea View and disposing them off in proper waste collection vehicles.

Over 100 volunteers, including employees of Nestle Pakistan, representatives from National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH), and Consumer Association of Pakistan (CAP) participated in the clean-up activity.

Inculcating a sense of ownership and civic responsibility as they played their role in reducing plastic waste and marine pollution by collecting and sorting plastic disposal at the Sea View shoreline Karachi.