Twitter lists feature finally gets some attention

The prevalent platform Twitter announced the testing of twitter lists feature that have never gotten the attention. But now make lists easier to access, by relocating them only a swipe away from your home screen.

Twitter has been thinking about how to make lists easier to get to. “One idea is for you to be able to swipe to your lists from home,” the company explained, followed by a request for feedback.

If you’ve been added to the test, your home timeline will now show dashed lines across the top for each list a familiar design for anyone who’s ever used Snapchat or Instagram Stories.

From the main timeline, you simply swipe left to move through all your custom timelines, much like you’d advance through Stories.

Lists are especially useful for things you want to track only sometimes — like tweets about a favorite sports team, TV show, or hashtag, perhaps. Or you could make a list of Twitter accounts.

You can also use lists for tracking notable accounts in a given industry, for research purposes, or for following accounts around any other particular interest. You can even use lists as a way to follow someone’s tweets without actually following them.

Lists can also be both public and private, depending on whether you’re looking to share your Twitter curation with the wider world or not.

Twitter didn’t say how many people would be added to the test. The test is available in Twitter’s mobile app for those who have been opted in.