VR & microscopy to step inside the biological data

Researchers explored a new technique that combine a nanoscale imaging technique virtual reality technology to create a method that allows scientists to “step inside” their biological data.

VR & microscopy to step inside the biological dataA combined research team from Carnegie Mellon University and Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason is pairing such a “step inside” biological data.

This combination allowed them to explore cell data that would otherwise is too difficult to handle. Once the cells have been imaged, labeled and compiled into data, a custom technique then turns the 2D information into 3D environments.

The VR tool, called ExMicroVR, will enable the team to see and manipulate the originally 2D expansion microscope images in 3D, proving a 360 degree view of tissue and protein organizations and interactions.

“This is the future of how scientists can handle complex data,” researcher Yongxin (Leon) Zhao said. “It’s an immersive experience, just like you are sitting inside your data. You have the freedom to explore your data from every angle and every spot.”

This technology allows as many as six people to experience data at the same time. Moreover, the team also aims to make this technology ‘affordable and easily accessible’ to the developing countries.