Uber to start delivering fast food through drones

The ride hailing firm Uber now plans to start delivering fast food by drones in San Diego by this summer through its food delivering service Uber Eats.

Uber to start delivering fast food through dronesThe deliveries, however, will not be made to customers’ houses, but instead, will be sent to a ‘designated safe place’.

After reaching the place, Uber couriers will unload the package manually and take it further to customers doorstep. These safe places can include roofs of parked Uber cars, which will be identified by the drones through QR codes.

The company claimed that its drones can make a delivery over a 1.5 mile distance in only seven minutes quicker than 21 minutes it takes a car or cyclist, in comparison.

The ride-hailing firm has been working with fast food chain McDonald’s as its first partner, designing special delivery packages that keeps the burgers and fries hot and intact during the drone flights.

Uber will begin its drone delivery service in San Diego after it gets approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).