Government innovation lab to launch to identify SDGs

The Government of Balochistan, University of Balochistan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed MoU to launch a new Government innovation lab to identify solutions towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Government innovation lab to launch to identify SDGsThe Government innovation lab will bring into line closely with the Government of Balochistan’s development priorities and will help get better public service delivery and create source of revenue and entrepreneurship opportunities in Balochistan province.

The scope of the lab is to link the government with academia, development sectors, innovators and the public service delivery through social innovation and the function base lab tests problems, solutions and ideas before implementation.

The innovation lab embraced three basic key techniques. The first one design thinking process, second one is data science and monitoring, and the last key factor is assessment to identify sectors and problems through various stakeholder’s engagement.

The Government innovation lab will be user-led, prototyping provincial policies using prudence tools, human-centered design, co-design and technology to develop effective approaches for service delivery and economic empowerment.