The Wasu family: plant roots today and reap more in the future!

I was in Hangzhou in May 2019. We were invited to attend a seminar on Science Communication. The city lies on a beautiful lake with nice sceneries everywhere.

The Wasu family: plant roots today and reap more in the future!Hangzhou is among most picturesque cities of China. This is a city of lakes, temples, and gardens; its beauty is acclaimed in all ages. One old Chinese proverb describes Hangzhou like this: “In heaven there is paradise; on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou”.

Chinese history has Seven Ancient Capital Cities and Hangzhou is one of most important cities of them. From year 1127, Hangzhou remained capital of the Southern Song Dynasty till the Mongol invasion in year 1276.

Even those days, the estimated population was as high as one million, acclaiming it the leading city in the world. Marco Polo also have claimed to be passed through, without doubt calling it the most noble and finest city in the world.

I, with other Pakistani delegation members, paid a visit to Wasu Digital TV Media Group Company Limited on May 22, 2019. Wasu Group is one of the leading digital media groups and has received multiple honors from the CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Science and Technology, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Zhejiang Provincial Government and Hangzhou City Government.

We were six-member delegation to search China-Pakistan Science Communication collaboration opportunities in Hangzhou. It was an exposure visit to Wasu Digital TV Open Laboratory.

Accompanied by Chris of Wasu Group, and Wang Guangnian, Director of Science Popularization Department, Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology (ZAST) the delegation first visited Wasu’s open laboratory.

Starting from a stunning presentation about Wasu’s vision, genes, values, and innovation – and ending upon Wasu’s philosophy, harmony, delicacy, and persistence, it was absolutely a new experience. We were briefed about series of services and products offered by Wasu.

Their key websites, businesses, important systems and big-data displays. We were also briefed about the operation and contribution of the group at the G20 Hangzhou Summit. There was an informal discussion with top executives of the Zhejiang Wasu and the delegation.

Wasu Group has made significant achievements because of the unity of the group member, their hard work and besides several difficulties, their will to progress make them distinguish from other companies.

Wasu is enthusiastic to becoming an innovator on the road to digitized development, at domestic and international level. The Wasu’s goal is to be a business with an inspirational corporate culture and robust social responsibilities, which will brand them an esteemed enterprise with a legacy of hundred years.

Here we learnt the vision of Wasu. They are eager for success. They adopt an innovative approach for development ‘never give up’. They pay attention to every detail during the process. And above all, the intrinsic value to unity as part of their genes, making them stronger.

The success of Wasu lies between their vision. Since the establishment of Wasu, they’ve faced challenges in development and integration as well as fierce market competition. But they always do the best and strives for excellence.

They are determined and courageous. They dare to make a change, to create and to innovate, being a pioneer in the sector. They are proud of themselves but never satisfied with what they’ve achieved.

Wasu staff is alert to do all work well and strive for new development in the face of challenges in new media and new technology. Great attention is being paid to safety to ensure the security of technology and broadcasting.

On the one hand Wasu’s focus is on upgrading its technologies, while on the other, it expands into new areas, including big data, to ensure the group’s leading position. Wasu is further strengthening the development of its talent teams for sustainable development in the future.

Wasu at a glance

Wasu Digital TV Media Group (Wasu Group in short) is a large culture media industry group owned by state. It is one of the forefront new media development operators in China and has more than 30 million cable TV domestic subscribers.

In the new era of digital media, Wasu Group is the largest and most comprehensive digital content service operator. The services include 3G mobile TV, interactive TV, and Internet TV across China.

Wasu Digital Media covers more than 100 cities in 29 provinces in China with its huge cable network; as well as providing services to three large telecom operators along with several million Internet users in China.

In Zhejiang Province, Wasu is providing province wide cable network and is a leading broadcasting network operator through its cross-generation network and cloud services.

Wasu always keep updating its cable network as the technology is growing day by day. Wasu has a remarkable appearance in broadcast industry in places like Guizhou, Hunan province and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region to promote inter-regional joint development.

Wasu Group offer services in new media, new network, cloud computing, big data, and genuine content. Its smart technology competes in modern age with advanced and innovative systems, sustainable technologies and national cultural media.

Author: Hina Baloch

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